DSM Technical Help Guides

Guide for Virtual Image install of PTF’s
System Attention Light reset

IBM Publication Information

IBM i 7.4 documentation
IBM i 7.4 Media Labels
IBM i 7.3 documentation
IBM i 7.3 Media Labels
IBM i 7.2 documentation
IBM i 7.1 documentation
IBM Redbooks
IBM Support page

Reference Codes, Values, HPT ASCII printer

Information on Printers from Various Manufacturers – HPT & Other information
IPL system reference code (SRC) finder – V7R2
CL Command Finder – V7R2
API finder – V7R2
System Value finder – V7R2
Forcing All Output to Draft Quality or Near-Letter Quality (NLQ) using Host Print Transform (HPT)

IBM Technical support information

IBM i Support: Recommended fixes
Provides links for Cumulative, Group and other PTF’s
IBM Fix Central
MustGather: How To Obtain and Install QMGTOOLS
The library provides access to check for PTF cumulative and group status on the server against IBM
and other functions as well.
Entitled software support – License Keys, etc.
IBM Systems Workload Estimator

IBM i Access (formerly Client Access)

IBM i Access – Client Solutions
IBM i Technology Updates

IBM Other

IBM United States
IBM i documentation
These pages refer you to AS/400 technical information on a range of topics, from TCP/IP to License program sizes.

US Government

USPS – The United States Postal Service
USPS – Zip Code Lookup
Social Security Online Home

Mississippi Government

Mississippi Official State Web Site
Mississippi Secretary of State
Mississippi Code access
Mississippi Department of Revenue
Federal Government Resources via The Official State Web Site of Mississippi
Mississippi Extension Service

County Government

Leflore County Tax Office
Hinds County

Help Information

FILExt – The File Extension Source


Cisco Systems, Inc

iSeries Software

helpsystems (Formerly Linoma Software)
RPG Toolbox vendor

HTML development

The W3C Markup Validation Service
W3C Link Checker for Web pages

easy400 WEB CGI iSeries development tools

Shipping Companies

Welcome to FedEx Corporation

Additional Web Sites

Complete Computers

DSM Website Email from the Web

DSM Web Email Access

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