ProntoCOURT Protocol

RULE 1 – Make Court Management Easy

How much is my Fine? What is my Court Date. What were the latest Judge’s Orders? Where is the signed Affidavit? ProntoCOURT‘s new Blue Screen Graphical Web Browser application provides a simple method to find and process the required case information in a matter of seconds. Cases can be found by multiple search criteria; once accessed, simple tabs are utilized to access all aspects of the case including electronically stored and scanned documents and notes. The application can be accessed anywhere, anytime; a true web browser application does not require a dedicated PC.

RULE 2 – Make It Easy To Update Case Information

ProntoCOURT‘s single interface approach to information management truly makes it easy to maintain a case. New information can be edited and updated without having to navigate and scroll thru a multitude of screens. Simply click a box, tab, arrow, or plus sign, and edit away.

RULE 3 – Make Your Court Paperless

ProntoCOURT produces documents that include barcodes that identify the case number and document type. Our scanning technology automatically reads the barcodes and electronically files the documents under the correct case. Just place a large batch of documents into the scanner, press the button, and watch the documents appear correctly filed under the documents tab for that case.

RULE 4 – Make Month End Processing a Walk in the Park

ProntoCOURT‘s advanced workflow processing and automatic deposit slip generation mitigate the tedious tasks of bank reconciliation, deposits, and month end processing. Keeping the books in order is no longer a tall order.

RULE 5 – Contact DSM

Many Counties and Cities have already streamlined their Courts with ProntoCOURT. Simply CONTACT us for a demonstration or additional information or call us at 601-925-6270.

Download ProntoCOURT Flyer

ProntoTIME Employee Payroll Portal


Data Systems Management, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our ProntoTIME Payroll, TimeCLOCK, and Time & Attendance Solution.

ProntoPORTAL Employee Web Portal

A secure web server portal that gives employees the ability to view and print their pay stubs, W2, and management generated “employee news” information. Priority messages can automatically generate an eMail alerting an employee to check the portal. For example, “Vaccine shots will be available next Tuesday”. An employee no longer needs to interrupt Payroll with numerous phone calls as management now has a direct mass communication link to ALL employees.

ProntoPORTAL Employee Payroll Portal

ProntoTIME Intelligent TimeCLOCK

Intelligent TimeCLOCK eliminates manual time sheets. Time punches along with the employee’s picture is captured via a simple touch to a tablet. No more spreading of germs via trying to verify fingerprints via a complicated biometric solution. A simple picture verifies the identity of an employee.

ProntoTIME TimeCLOCK Payroll Graphic

ProntoTIME Graphical Payroll & Time & Attendance

A Single Vendor, integrated Payroll solution that morphs complexity into completeness and simplicity. Pay Day processing becomes as easy as pressing a few buttons. The tedious task of keying employee timesheets is no longer required. Reports are electronically produced and stored which essentially eliminates the need for printing. The ProntoPORTAL provides critical information to ALL employees which minimizes interrupting phone calls to the Payroll Department.

YES! ONE VENDOR, DSM, has developed and deployed the Pronto
TIME Payroll solution that has EVERYTHING – TimeCLOCK, Employee Portal, Government Payroll, and Time and Attendance.

Simply CONTACT DSM ; or call us at 601-925-6270

ProntoSIG Homestead Exemption SIGnature


Applying for a Homestead Exemption has just become much easier with Data Systems Management’s ProntoSIG application. The current process requires the Applicant and the Deputy Clerk to sign up to four copies of the document. With ProntoSIG, the Deputy Clerk’s electronic signature is captured ONE TIME and stored with their user profile. Deputy Clerk’s no longer have to REPEATABLY sign document after document after multiple copies of the same document.

An Applicant need only sign the new signature pad ONE TIME, and their electronic signature is also captured, stored, and automatically printed on all homestead exemption copies. As a bonus, the signed document is stored and can be reprinted an any time.

Simply CONTACT DSM ; we can have the solution installed in ONE DAY.

ProntoBLAST – “Seasons Greetings”

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy these Carols of Christmas Cheer.

If the Title has slipped thine mind,

Jingle DSM, Resolution shall you find.

1Hallowed Post Meridian16Testimony of Witness to a Maternal Parent’s osculating with a Jolly Fellow
2Ancient Benevolent Despot17Perambulating through a December Solstice Fantasy
3Quadruped with Crimson Proboscis18The Approach of the Holiday commemorating Christ’s Birth is Become Evident
4Miniscule Hamlet in the Far East19Village Expectations of a Yuletide Emissary
5Tin Tinniculations20Yonder in the Haystack
6A Dozen 24 Hour Yule Periods21Cherubim Audited from Aloft
7Homo Sapien of Crystalized Vapor22Assemble, Those Who are True
8Exuberance Directed to the Planet23Primary Yuletide
9Reigning Monarchs of the Far East24Who’s the Mystery Kid?
10Clappered, Inverted Cups Amalgamated25Proclaim It to the Hills
11Ornament the Vestibule with Large Sprigs of a Berry Bearing Evergreen26Listen, Aerial Spirits Announcing
12From Dark till Dawn, Soundless and Sanctimonious27May Jehovah Grant Unto You Hilarious Male’s Retirement
13Personal Hallucinations of a Colorless December 25th28Are You Detecting the Same Aural Sensations As I Am?
14The Event Occurred at One Minute after 11:50PM with Visibility Unlimited29The Diminutive Male of less than Adult Age Who Plays a Percussion Instrument
15My Sole Desire for the Yuletide Season id a Paid of Central Incisors30Pastoral Woolies Nocturnally Observed in Vigilance by Herdsman

Welcome to the first edition of ProntoBLAST, Data Systems Management’s periodical publication that will inform you of our latest activities, new products, and upcoming events.


The legacy Green Screen Payroll and Justice/Municipal Court applications have been fully migrated, reprogrammed, and transformed into the new Blue Screen Graphical and Web enabled ProntoTIME Payroll, TimeClock, Time & Attendance solution, and the ProntoCOURT Court Management Solution. We have just added a new Employee Portal application, ProntoPORTAL, that allows employees to view and print their pay stubs and W2 information via the web. Our Intelligent TimeClocks provide an easy method of eliminating manual time sheets. Paperless payroll is now a reality.

We are diligently continuing our Blue Screen Migration efforts on our remaining applications.


Supervisor Board Minutes, Human Resource Documents, Fixed Assets – No task or application is too big for DSM’s cloud based ProntoDMS solution. The unique ability of the system to easily transform all documents, spreadsheets, etc. into a full text searchable archive of electronic, secure, paperless PDF images provides the information protection, independence, and transparency desired by all government institutions.


Avoid phone call and visits to the office by giving the public the ability to view and pay their taxes via the web.

Please visit for more information. You will also be able to access our Board Minutes and Tax Inquiry applications that many of our customers are utilizing.

ProntoDMS Board Minutes – SEEK and FIND

ProntoDMS Board Minute Search Screenshot


Instaneasily, adverb, : the ability to instantly and easily search the thousands of pages of historical board meeting notes and attached documents for a specific topic or word via Data Systems Management’s ProntoDMS Board Minute Edition. ProntoDMS automatically converts all documents into a full text searchable archive of data elements. There is no need to establish manual indexes or keywords as ALL WORDS ARE KEYWORDS. Simply upload completed minutes and supporting documentation to our secure cloud server; then its time to play “Find & Seek

View a Brief Video of Full Text Search Inquiry

Successful Distribution of Information


ProntoDMS Board Minutes can be configured to allow public and/or private access. A URL link is provided that can be integrated into any website. Successful distribution of information “instaneasily” to the public is now a reality.

Download ProntoDMS Board Minutes Flyer


Simply select the “eyeball” Icon to view the documents.

Leflore County Installs ProntoREC

ProntoREC Icons


The process of recording Land Records utilizing their previous green screen text based Land Records Management System was taking Leflore County way too much time. Too many steps, too many screens, and antiquated, complicated search and retrieval methods persuaded Leflore to seek relief. They decided to convert to a faster, easier, modern LRMS – Land Records Management System, Data Systems Management’s ProntoREC.

ProntoREC programming utilizes the new Graphical Web Based Browser Environment. (Our customers call the new interface – Blue Screen Graphical). The new BSG Graphical interface does not require specific PC software or a Client/Server environment. Simply open your browser and access the application from any PC. Since multiple task can be accomplished with only a single screen, records can be processed quickly. Optical Character Recognition technology is utilized to capture ALL THE DATA on the actual documents. This process provides the capability to Copy/Paste index information directly from the document or to SEARCH for specific information within the actual document.

View a Brief Video of Full Text Search Inquiry

walk in the park
Walk in the Park


Migrating from an older Legacy system to Data Systems Management’s new ProntoREC is a Walk in the Park. DSM transfers your existing data and images seamlessly into ProntoREC. We provide a few days of on-site training, establish a GO LIVE date, and your new Document Recording day begins with the Cool Blue Breeze of Blazingly Fast Blue Screen Graphical ProntoREC.

Download ProntoREC Flyer

IBM iSeries Server – Cloud or Local

IBM has just declared that my 5 year old IBM iSeries has reached “End of Life” and IBM will shortly cease offering maintenance and support.  Its time once again to buy the newest model, or is it?  IBM recently made available the IBM iSeries environment for deployment in the cloud.  The full functionality, speed, and reliability of the iSeries can now execute on your new on-site local hardware OR remotely in a secure data center.  So how do we decide which way to go.  Well that all depends.  Let’s explore the pros and cons via the analogy of buying or renting a car.


If I’m buying a vehicle, I need to make sure I have enough seats and horsepower to accommodate my family.  My server requires enough processor speed, memory, and disk capacity to satisfy my users.  Typically, you would overbuy server capacity to make sure costly upgrades were not required….OR

Cloud allows you to dynamically add performance and capacity as needed.  Rent precisely only what you need. Save money and maximize performance.


My Car/Server is parked at my home in my fortified, locked garage provisioned with redundant backup power, security cameras and restricted access.  In case of failure, I call my IBM mechanic who travels to my residence with the exact part that is required.  In case a tornado destroys the place, not to worry; all my tape backups are in another location. I have insurance to pay for a new Server that IBM can provision in perhaps a week; and I can delay payroll until the new Server arrives…OR

My Rental Car/Server is parked in a secure, fortified data center with super redundant internet and power.  If disaster strikes the data center, I can restore my environment from backups that were automatically performed via a direct non-tape disk to disk process. My backup is located in a completely separate data center. A new cloud environment could be provisioned in a matter of a few days.  Business Continuity Achieved.


New functionality and the closure of security threats are provided via PTF’s and OS Release Level updates. Think of having to change your oil, rotate your tires, etc.  Your server should be running the latest OS level which is V7R4.  Just like taking your car to the dealership, applying PTF’s and migrating to the next OS release level take time, cause downtime, and cost money… OR

The cloud environment is automatically maintained at the latest and greatest IBM i Release and PTF level which provides enhanced functionality and security protection.


One typically purchases a car because one thinks that it will last five years and have some resale value.  Unfortunately, old servers have no value and the acquisition process must repeat again…OR

Save your capital and always ride in the newest car.

no worries picture

“NO WORRIES” With the CLOUD everything is included: backups, security, release updates, anywhere remote access, on-demand storage, hardware and system software maintenance.

Visit ProntoCLOUD iSeries Hosting for more information


           FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!

Excited for the Weekend!

We’ve all felt the pressure of daily tasks that need to get done and know how it is when one or more of those tasks are not completed on time or in the fashion we quite wanted.  As the work week progresses, we feel more and more pressure to get a project completed or to at least make a deadline in a project.  This creates for us an environment of stress that we dread walking into on Monday and love to leave on Friday.

Thus we end up with these two phrases:  THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! and OH GOD IT’S MONDAY (sad face here ).   While we laugh and joke about this each week that rolls around, the simple truth is we need a better way of performing our tasks.

Data Systems has just completed work on our Graphical Payroll Update along with our Time and Attendance System.  These two programs work independently as well as in harmony to give you a better way to manage your tasks.

Let’s begin with our Graphical Payroll.

For starters, our graphical solution offers a dashboard that allows you the convenience of notifications of recent changes to the system.

Payroll Security , drop down windows, multiple new reports, column sorting are all a part of the new graphical payroll update.  There are many more options that are not listed here that affect the way your day to day operations are handled.  Items like the ability to print/re-print W-2 for a single employee, or re-print employee check information as well as displaying all Demand Reports in a PDF format for reviewing, printing, or downloading.

If you are interested in a demo of this application, please contact Data Systems Management at 601-925-6270.

When your payroll is upgraded with our new graphical solution, your days will be easier as all your needs are technically just a click away.

Your new catch phrase will be TGIM – Thank Goodness It’s Monday!  You may still use TGIF, but at least payroll wont be the reason why.

In my next post I will discuss the Time and Attendance Application available to you through Data Systems Management.

Stay Tuned…

ProntoREC Scanning


Land Records Management

The ability to acquire and own property in the United States is a freedom that we often take for granted.  “A man’s home is his castle” rings true as property ownership in the past was only reserved for lords and kings.  The protection of that ownership depends upon a reliable system of the accurate recording of all transactions that identify and track all rights of ownership to the property.   The official recording of these instruments is typically handled by an elected or appointed official of the county or parish such as the Chancery Clerk in Mississippi.


Historically the recording of this information has been a paper intensive process whereby all the documents are stored in large volumes of books cross referenced by even larger index books that recorded the grantor, grantee, section, township, range etc. of the instrument.  Modern digital and scanning technology now allow many counties to store these documents in an electronic format thereby eliminating the bulky volumes of paper documents.   These new electronic scanning systems are typically called a “Land Records Management System”, or LRMS.


Data Systems Management has recently completed the development and installation of our LRMS referred to as ProntoRec. We use the term Pronto because our system is FAST, easy to learn, and completely browser based graphical and cloud enabled.  We extend the application beyond the capability of most existing systems by providing the ability to not only search by the typically keyed indexes on grantee, grantor, etc; we utilize OCR (Optical Recognition Technology) to allow the search and retrieval of any instrument by simple searching for any word, document, or phrase.  Yes, internet search functionality is a standard feature of ProntoRec.

ProntoDMS Board Minute Edition

board meeting

Board Meetings can be a time consuming.  From planning the agenda to recording the minutes and finally tucking them away in a safe a secure location.  Once a process is in place, it can go untouched for years.  Regardless of the number of times you meet annually, we can help you organize your board minutes, even if you need to redact certain information such as social security numbers etc.  Our easy on-site paper to electronic conversion gives you a full text searchable digital archive available for private, local, or public access.

Searching your board minutes has never been easier!  Just type in any string of text, and see your results in seconds.  You can also easily eMail and track documents with this application.  Please feel free to contact Data Systems Management for a free on-line demo at your convenience.  Contact Annette Walker at 601-573-6130 for your demo today!