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Justice Court Laser Check Software

DSM would like to introduce our Justice Court Laser Check Application!  Lisa will be sending a letter to you including sample copies of Valid and Non-Negotiable checks.

These checks can be printed from a laser printer (using MICR toner) on blank paper that can be purchased from many office supply vendors for much less than pre-printed checks.  This process also keeps up with the check number in the system to avoid the problem of re-running checks where the pre-printed number doesn’t match the system’s check number. 

You can also avoid the problem of wasted pre-printed checks ifyou change banks or account numbers.  This information can easily be updated in the system and you can start using it with your very next check! 

For more information regarding DSM’s newest Justice Court Application please contact either Lisa Ivey at 662-329-1222 ext. 12 or Annette Walker at 601-573-6130.