About Us

Thirty six years ago, three business associates working for a CPA firm’s Data Processing department (currently called the IT department) seized the opportunity to develop initial software to assist the hospital customers in their mandate to comply with the 1982 TEFRA regulation. Solving customer problems became their passion, and Data Systems Management conservatively evolved into the successful, solution-focused, customer-oriented corporation which can claim over 36 years of financial success in the volatile computer software market.

We employ over twenty programmers, solution architects, and support personnel in our Columbus and Clinton Mississippi offices.  Our Clinton office serves as our headquarters and has facilities to support seminars, demonstrations, and hands-on training classes.

 Our mission is to continue to focus on providing reasonable, proven solutions that help organizations remain productive and profitable. Our financial- and control-oriented CPA origins are the foundation of our software solutions as organizations need money to survive. DSM would appreciate the opportunity to help your organization survive the onslaught of regulations, uncertainty, and changing landscape that permeate our present society.

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