ProntoCOURT Protocol

RULE 1 – Make Court Management Easy

How much is my Fine? What is my Court Date. What were the latest Judge’s Orders? Where is the signed Affidavit? ProntoCOURT‘s new Blue Screen Graphical Web Browser application provides a simple method to find and process the required case information in a matter of seconds. Cases can be found by multiple search criteria; once accessed, simple tabs are utilized to access all aspects of the case including electronically stored and scanned documents and notes. The application can be accessed anywhere, anytime; a true web browser application does not require a dedicated PC.

RULE 2 – Make It Easy To Update Case Information

ProntoCOURT‘s single interface approach to information management truly makes it easy to maintain a case. New information can be edited and updated without having to navigate and scroll thru a multitude of screens. Simply click a box, tab, arrow, or plus sign, and edit away.

RULE 3 – Make Your Court Paperless

ProntoCOURT produces documents that include barcodes that identify the case number and document type. Our scanning technology automatically reads the barcodes and electronically files the documents under the correct case. Just place a large batch of documents into the scanner, press the button, and watch the documents appear correctly filed under the documents tab for that case.

RULE 4 – Make Month End Processing a Walk in the Park

ProntoCOURT‘s advanced workflow processing and automatic deposit slip generation mitigate the tedious tasks of bank reconciliation, deposits, and month end processing. Keeping the books in order is no longer a tall order.

RULE 5 – Contact DSM

Many Counties and Cities have already streamlined their Courts with ProntoCOURT. Simply CONTACT us for a demonstration or additional information or call us at 601-925-6270.

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