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MACA Conference

Many of you have asked if DSM will attend the MACA Conference.

Robert Holt will be representing Data Systems Management at this event.   The conference will be held in Tupelo this year and will be from July 10-13.

For some of you this will be your first time to attend and I do hope you enjoy the many benefits that are offered by these conferences.

Robert is looking forward to seeing each of you there!



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Let’s Talk Maintenance

Currently, DSM is in agreement to let our distributor handle the updates on your software and hardware maintenance agreements.  We feel this is a better service to our clients due to the fact that it essentially takes one more person out of the loop – so to speak.

With that said and with the fact that budgets are getting close to being done for the 2013 year, please take a look at your maintenance schedules on your servers and see if your maintenance will need to be renewed before budgets are set.

There is still time to get a budgetary quote in before the final budget is set in stone!  If you are unsure who to contact regarding the attainment of that budgetary quote, please contact Annette Walker with Data Systems Management at awalker@datasysmgt.com.